The Gift of Going

I feel bad because I’ve traveled to so many places. When people find out I’m “going” again, I usually receive one of three things: silence, critical remarks, or fake smiles and bursts of joy. Typically after people’s initial response I recieve blank stares of judgement, jealousy, and questions. Oh, and talking, Continue Reading

Dear World, I’m Not Following Your Ways

As humans, and more specifically, as Christians, we are constantly learning and growing. The process of prepping to “Go” (Matthew 28:18-20) will stretch you to the point of feeling like you just repeated K-12 all over again; There is so much to learn. Following the will of God and entering into Continue Reading

The Renewed Mind: When the Impossible Seems Logical

Every person’s story holds a series of layers and elements, and in most cases there is usually one major theme that these elements are rooted from. Personally, my story is stacked with layers rooted in the theme of the UNRENEWED MIND. Before my mind became renewed I could not think Continue Reading

His Name is Yeshua

For a little over a year God has been teaching me about the significance of people’s names. All throughout scripture names are recorded in stories and genealogies. If you are anything like me, you probably skim over these names because they are either unpronounceable, or because the person didn’t seem that Continue Reading

Skinny People Fast Too, Thanks.

Without fail, every single time someone finds out I am fasting they respond with the oh so familiar jaw dropped and a wide eyed expression of concern, followed by the insensitive remark of “You can’t fast! You are too skinny, you will disappear! You need to go eat a cheeseburger right Continue Reading