The Trinity – Made Simple

God – The Father

God – The Son

God – The Holy Spirit

There is often a lot of confusion about the Trinity. Like, are there three different Gods?  Do they each do different things? Are they just different attributes of God? What does it all mean?
Well, I am not a theologian or a Bible teacher, but I do know Jesus very well.  I do not like making things difficult, so my heart is to simplify what is complex so that everyone can understand. If you wish to gain further knowledge on the subject, I encourage you to study the Bible until the pages fall out and attend your local church.

To put is very simply, the Trinity is made up of 3 parts love.

The Father is love
Jesus is love
Holy Spirit is love.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are 3 persons in 1. They all have the same power, and are all equally God. The difference is not necessarily what they do, rather who they are, which you can read more about each by following the links above.