Have you ever by happenstance been at the right place at the right time, and were given favor? Maybe you were moved to the front of a long line, or upgraded to first class for free.  I am sure something like this has happened to all of us at one time or another, but have you ever had a time where you knew for sure that God was “setting you up” to be blessed or to bless others?  Many believers may refer to these heavenly orchestrated events as “divine appointments,” and I have a few to build your faith.

In 2014 I flew to England for missions training, but before settling in I spent a few days in London. Now, I have never been one who followed celebrities or fantasized about dating one, but before I left the States, I for whatever reason had this unrealistic idea in my head that I was going to meet British actor – Eddie Redmayne (the dude from Les Mis) while sitting on a bench in Hyde Park. For weeks I was fixed on that idea, and was convinced that whether I met my favorite actor or not, something awesome was going to happen in Hyde Park.

While in London, I decided that I was going to let the Lord plan my day-to-day activities;  each morning I would simply walk outside and go wherever He directed me.  One particular morning on my way out the door, God told me to pack my makeup.  I did what He had asked and headed out on an adventure.

I had been walking for nearly 4 hours when I randomly stumbled into Jack Nicholson parking his Ferrari (or it was his doppelgänger… either way he had a rather large body-guard who was very intimidating).  As impressive as it was, I knew God had something really special planned, so I kept walking. I didn’t carry a map and had no idea where I was, but eventually stumbled upon the entrance to Hyde Park. I did what I thought I should do, sat on a park bench and waited, and waited, and waited…

I came to the conclusion that Eddie was not coming to meet me at Hyde Park, but I knew God had still brought me to that park for a reason, so I waited some more.

then I heard the voice of the Father:

“Put on your makeup and walk really confidently down that trail”,

It was the dead of winter, so with shivering hands, I did my best to fix my wind-blown hair, and smeared eyeliner. I walked maybe 50 yards down the trail when a man with a camera approached me. He explained how he was a writer/photographer for the widely known group, Humans of London (same thing as Humans of New York, but for London), and asked if I would be interested in answering some questions and getting my photo taken for his exhibition. Needless to say, I agreed, and his questions opened up perfect dialogue for the love of Jesus to be shared! I was able to share the gospel with him, and he published a very brief summary of my personal story (as written below) for thousands of people to read.

I went to Hyde Park with the intention of meeting a famous person, but in actuality Jesus had the intention of using me to make His name famous.


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