I’m going to start off by saying that my life is weird. Plain and simple, my life is just weird. Most people live a life that can be depicted as “normal” (nothing wrong with that!), but as for me, just about everything I do has some insanely bizarre story attached to it.

People always ask me. “How do these weird things like [insert story] always happen to you?” Most times I simply tell them that I am just present with God. When you are present and intimate, He will reveal things to you that others would normally miss because they aren’t being as attentive to His voice as they could be.

The story of how God led me to Mozambique, Africa is really just a story about being intimate and attentive to the heart and voice of Jesus. I’m not special, I’m just a good listener.

2014 was a rough year.
I was broken.
I was afraid.
I was paranoid.
And I knew it

I needed guidance and clarity so I asked Jesus what I was supposed to do.

Over the course of months He gave me numerous dreams about people in Africa; ministering to Africans, rescuing African flood victims, and enjoying banquet feasts with Africans.  I was rather confused about these dreams because I had no real desire to go to Africa, but I trusted God, and gave Him my “yes” before even knowing what it all meant.

One afternoon while casually drowning in self-pity and the boredom of unemployment, I happened across a news report of a flood that had occurred in Mozambique, Africa. This lady named Heidi Baker was speaking, and I quickly realized that I wanted to be her best friend because she was so inspirational (and really cool!). I realized quickly after that, that the flooding being documented was the exact place I had visited in my dream. Boom!

Immediately I moved to Mozambique Connecticut.

This was my backyard in Connecticut prior to going to Mozambique. Jesus is so nice!

2015 was also a rough year.
I was still broken.
I was still afraid.
I was still paranoid

The scary part was that I didn’t even know it. I told myself that everything was fine because I was a control freak and didn’t want to admit that I actually felt like I was failing in my career and at living on my own for the first time.

I needed guidance and clarity so I asked Jesus what I was supposed to do.

Throughout the year I was prompted by the Lord on a quite a few occasions to go to different places or events, and when I would arrive, complete strangers would seek me out to deliver some type of word from God about my present situation or my future.

These are long stories so I will share briefly about a few, and the rest I’ll save for a rainy day.

One afternoon during the summer I asked God for a new opportunity that would guide me toward the plans He has for my life. A few hours later my friend invited me to sell band merchandise with him at a concert at 6-flags. It sounded like a terrible idea, but I went because I prayed for it.

Shortly after arriving I saw a guy about 50 yards away that looked like my friend Josh from church. He looked at me and started walking toward me like he knew me. Inside I was thinking “OMG!!!! Josh! What is Josh doing here?! How exciting!”, but as he approached closer my thoughts immediately changed to “Not Josh! NOT Josh! NOT JOSH!” Then he came up to me and said “Hi my name is Josh” (not the one from church). He then proceeded to explain how he felt like God wanted him to go to 6-flags that day to bless someone, and when he saw me he knew he needed to talk to me.  I was freaked out so I sent him away into the concert. He came back out afterward and explained how he had just gotten back from serving with Heidi Baker’s ministry in Mozambique, and that I needed to go there.  I was in complete shock and went home knowing that Africa was officially back on the radar.

A few weeks later I saw an add on Facebook for something called the “Gospel Forum.” I had no idea what it was or where it was, but I knew I needed to go. I clicked the link and learned that it was a conference happening in New Jersey, and that Heidi Baker was one of the speakers going to be present. I signed right up!

I got to the conference and I was blessed with a very large hotel suite with two rooms even though I only paid for a single. Shortly after, a random couple approached me and explained how they knew God wanted them to be at the conference, but did not have the funds for a hotel room. Well, I…uhhh…may have invited those strangers to stay with me at my mansion.  After getting to know them, the wife explained how she had previously been in Mozambique and that she knew I would go there one day. To make this story even more fascinating, 6-Flags Josh also happened to be at the conference. It was a swell reunion!

Soon after that I quit my job, went to Mozambique, and saw a lot of miracles. God also healed me of my brokenness in the process too.

Cuties from the village in the “Bush-Bush”

Like I said, I’m not special, I’m just a good listener. Jesus speaks to everyone in different ways. Regardless of which way that is, your ability to hear Him will sharpen depending on your level of intimacy.

Jesus spoke generally to the multitudes, exclusively with the 12 (disciples), closely with three (Peter, James, and John), and intimately with the one (John).

We have access to the heart beat of Jesus when we choose to be a “one” like John and put our ear up to His chest and rest.

When you hear Him, you have a choice. You can either pretend like you didn’t hear anything and continue your normal life, or you can choose the wild ride He wants to take you on.





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