Without fail, every single time someone finds out I am fasting they respond with the oh so familiar jaw dropped and a wide eyed expression of concern, followed by the insensitive remark of “You can’t fast! You are too skinny, you will disappear! You need to go eat a cheeseburger right now!”

Kindly, I mentally punch them in the face and then ask their recommendations on good burger places because I sure would love to eat one, two, or seven after my fast. I am basically the super hero of food consumption because my metabolism operates at mega-speed, thus making me pretty resistant to weight gain.  So bring on the cheesecake and chocolate pudding, but let me finish my fast first.

On average I weigh approximately 102 pounds, of which is comprised almost entirely of the integumentary and skeletal systems, aka, skin & bones. I am petite to say the least.

Currently I am on day 15 of a 21 day fast.
Is it hard? Yes.
Am I hungry? Not really… okay, yes.
Am I dying? No. That’s a stupid question.

I’m am partaking in a limited Daniel Fast. Meaning, I am eating only certain items allowed on the Daniel fast, and in very small quantities; It is a diet comprised almost entirely of liquids and blended solids (smoothies and pureed soups), with the occasional bowl of quinoa for some extra protein.

I’m not going to lie, it is hard on my little body to abstain from food for so long. However, I am not going to sit here and write about fasting tips, tricks, and recommendations. Nor will I be anyone’s cheerleader because they’ve resisted to eat a slice of grandma’s cherry pie 3 hours and 42 minutes into their fast. Not my style. Not going to happen – At least not today.

What I will say is this,

If you are skinny you CAN fast. Fast as God leads you and for as long as He leads you, just remember that He is not legalistic. You do not have to abide by rules you think you need to follow. Ask Him how He thinks you should fast. If He is leading you to fast, and you are tiny like me, then He will faithfully tell you the best way to do it. He is faithful, point blank.

Whether God leads you to do a 1 day fast, a 21 day Daniel fast, or a 40 day water fast, He will be faithful to sustain your body. If He has led you to do it, then I promise that you will not die. In fact you will probably feel more charged than ever before because His spirit will be all over you.  Personally, I am trusting God that I will gain weight on my fast because He is God and He can make anything happen.

If you are skinny and have neglected fasting because you either think you are exempt from the rules because of your small stature, or because you are afraid of the repercussions on your body, then I am here to call you out. STOP IT, please.

  • You are not exempt. I understand that fasting is not a requirement for any believer. However, it sure is helpful. If you want to see breakthrough in your life and you want to draw closer to God than you ever have, then you need to fast. Just fast, it’s really that simple.
    • *Note – Encountering Jesus in a profound way is the only reason why we fast; The breakthrough is just an added bonus!
  • Who cares about the repercussions! The God that created your body certainly knows what it needs, and can easily give it what it needs supernaturally, if He chooses. Yes, you might lose weight and you will probably have diarrhea more than once. Who cares! If baggy pants and a burning butt hole are what’s holding you back from a deeper walk with Jesus, then right now I need you to raise your right hand and proceed to smash it against the side of your head. Hard. Repeat if necessary. Better?


Skinny people of the world, I’m calling you out and I’m calling you up. Now, go fast!